The ultimate workplace is a place where you as an employer need to get results. It’s a healthy, productive place where people bring their “A-game” to work and stretch themselves to be better team players everyday.  Now we believe that not all your employees are techno savvy but to close this gap, we have a training option on basic tech skills to enable your staff integrate well with emerging technology inventions.

At Ace Technologies Limited, we are passionate about helping you create your best possible workplace. Our consultants are experienced professionals who can help you transform your workplace into the healthy, productive workplace of your dreams.

Training modules

  • Help you clarify and articulate your vision of a healthy workplace and the necessary IT services you may need.
  • Map the specific skills and competencies your employees in the tech section, identify their strengths and map them accordingly.
  • Build customized modules for every layer in the organization to ensure that everyone has the right skills for the job.
  • Deliver training at your site and according to your schedule.
  • Ensure the transfer of skills back to work with coaching, support, and follow-up programs.
  • Evaluate the impact of our programs on your bottom line.